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1. Production of films by blowing extrusion method on multilayer extruders

Technological park «DOVON» is equipped with modern high-speed, high-precision blow-molding extrusion lines. Their rheological and thermal parameters make it possible to optimally mix all the necessary components to produce a homogenized mass. This provides an isometric property in all directions. Built-in controls allow automatically track quality of manufactured products ensuring constant stable quality of produced films.

Use of multi-layer extruders in production gives limitless possibilities of varying raw materials, and hence the properties of the film. With the use of a well-developed metering system, it is possible to choose the percentage of materials input, ensuring the optimal composition of the products. Thus, we always obtain films with given properties. This is a profitable economic solution for buyers as the possibilities of our multilayer extrusion, due to the use of reinforced materials, allow us to produce the main types of films with reduced thickness and increased strength.

2. Production of Stretch film

The production of Stretch film is carried out by cast co-extrusion. Typically, the stretch films produced by this method consists of three layers, each of which has its purpose.

Approaching to the properties of the plastic stretch film, manufactured by cast extrusion, it should be noted that in addition to the ability to reversibly stretching (stretching reversibility is ensured by the ability of stretch film to recover its original shape), the polyethylene stretch film differs from ordinary polyethylene films by improved resistance to puncture and tear, as well as its ability to stick to itself while not sticking to the packaging products.

3. Manufacture of polyvinyl chloride film by roller-calandered method

Polyvinyl chloride film (PVC rigid sheet)  produced in a class D “clean room” on a roller – calender line, is made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, fillers, stabilizers, dyes and other additives and it is a thermoplastic material for the production of packages by vacuum thermoforming.


Our laboratory is equipped with necessary modern testing equipment, measuring instruments and employs highly qualified staff, assuring high quality control of the products, the promptness of the tests and the reliability of the results.

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